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Film Industries are growing day by day and new Film with great mind setup are being to present in cinema halls, but cinema halls are not for everyone. From 7 billion peoples only millions turn their faces towards cinema halls, remaining just listen the stores. It was the main reason to build 123Movies , and provide a platform where everyone can watch online Movies and TV Shows in HD, without even paying a cent. This world is not just for those who can pay and enjoy streaming’s.

If you have a good internet connection (Mini. 2MB/sec), then you can also enjoy the HD streaming of Movies and TV Shows, here on 123Movies . There are a lot of free streaming websites all over the internet like Fmovies, GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies or 123movieshub. 123Movies  is a good option for you, because we not only provide only high rated or featured films, we also upload those films, which are low in the market (Low rated movies).

We do upload those movies because every person has his/her own taste. Day by day film industry is getting strong and more entertaining, with the birth of new writers and technology. Competition between films is leading to increase in categories (Genres) of movies. Like Action, Adventure, Drama, Comedy, Crime, War, Fantasy, Family, Biography, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Drama, Documentary, Animation etc.

By keeping these categories in line 123Movies  have also managed to provide Online Streaming of movies according to Categories. Now you can select any categories and watch all related Movies. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about the quality of streaming, here on 123movies you can stream all Movies and TV Shows in 4 qualities 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p.

Our online players are more flexible than ever to provide one film in 4 qualities with subtitle. Yes, with subtitle, 123movies is not only for US, UK, or Canadian peoples. peoples from all over the world can watch online movies very easily with subtitles with us. Furthermore, subtitles are not only limited to English language, 123Movies  is working day and night to provide subtitles in all languages available.

History of 123Movies and Fmovies

According to Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), the Fmovies, GoMovies, and GoStream was one of the top illegal streaming websites. The 2018 stats of these websites shows that, 98 million peoples were using these websites and film industries were facing a lot of lose because of sudden leak of film prints. Whenever any IPS try to shut down Putlocker, GoMovies or fmovies domain, they just use 301 redirection and shift their website on new domain with different TLD.

According to Similar Web, PutLocker was getting 9.2 million pages views monthly and it was the most visited website of UK in 2016. MPAA notified Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) about website that this website has worldwide rank of 559 and its rank in United States of America is 386, and we are still unable to shut down this website. Same the situation was with Fmovies, it was also the most famous pirate website which was providing Embed Streaming links and one click Download Links to its users. TorrentFreak, mentioned that Fmovies was also came into exist in middle of 2016 like Putlocker. But Putlocker was WordPress based and Fmovies was designed in HTML, JavaScript and PHP.

Right now Fmovies is getting 43 million users per months, and this website is still running. In 2018 Swedish ISP, Indian ISP and Australian ISP, decided to block fmovies in their territories. Both Putlocker and fmovies (illegal streaming websites) were providing HD, HDRIP, Blu-ray and cam qualities of films, and the streaming servers used by these websites were Openload, Streamango, and MyCloud. Both Openload and Streamango are blocked by authorizes in 2019 but Mycloud is still running and providing unlimited storage to upload movies files on their servers and embed them.

Right now Mycloud has stopped the uploading service for new users and providing space just to Fmovies original website. At the end of 2017, Fmovies moderators launched a new streaming website of anime cartoons. Which is also getting millions of monthly page views. 

How 123Movies is different from Fmovies

123movies and Fmovies are one of the top free streaming websites on internet, and both are getting millions of visitors in a day. Fmovies is still uploading Cam-HD result movies which is too harmful for cinema industries. But here on 123movies you’ll get only HD quality movies and TV-shows.

We upload movies and tv shows only when they are available in HD quality and we upload each newly released film after 2 months of release date. In this process we never upload films in Cam-HD results becuase it could harm film budget and the creator of film may lose money. 

If everyone will watch film in free then how can film industries earn. That’s why 123movies only upload film when it becomes 2 months old. Fmovies will not ever provide you any option to shift the video quality. For example, if you want to stream in 1080p quality then there is no option for you to play it in 1080p quality. They just allow you to play online movies, there are no options for video quality shifting or any subtitle shifting. But here on 123movies you can do this without any limits. 

You can not only change the videos quality according to your screen or internet speed, you can also change the subtitles in any language. Is it not 100% user friendly to you? Well, we think it should be in way so any one of you can enjoy movies with out any limits or hurdles.

What you’ll get on 123Movies ?

Here of 123Movies you’ll enjoy streaming of movies in high quality with some extra features like:

  • Streaming of Movies and TV Shows with Subtitle (Fmovies do not have this feature)
  • Download links of Movies and TV Shows 480p, 720p, and 1080p streaming of Movies and TV Shows
  • If any film is not available then you can simple request us by commenting on our website, we’ll upload it for you.
  • Mobile responsive theme High Quality Streaming Servers Few ads as compared to Fmovies
  • Thousands of Movies and TV Shows (More than Fmovies)
  • All Hollywood Movies
  • All Bollywood Movies (Fmovies has 0)
  • All Tamil Movies (Fmovies has 0)

123Movies is money saver for you

There are a lot of legal streaming websites and applications available in market like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Plex etc. but they all charge minimum 10$/month to stream videos on 720p quality, if you want to watch movies in high quality like 1080p then you have to purchase the expensive plan. Its means that only elite peoples can watch movies in houses on big screens, if you could not pay enough then stay away. We think it’s totally unfair with those who are not affordable to pay Netflix, Amazon Prime or Plex for streaming.

That’s why 123Movies is offering you free streaming of all movies (You have to bare few pop-ads) for all over the world. 123Movies is 100% free and money saver for you. No matter you are using mobile, tablet or Laptop, you can stream unlimited movies any time form anywhere. There is no need to use your email address, phone number or any credit card while using 123movies. Just visit our website and watch unlimited Movies and TV Shows.

Fmovies contains annoying ads

Watching movies with a lot of pop-up ads could be annoying for most of the users. In the start Fmovies was not using popup ads for earning but now they are using pop-up ads to increase their revenue because they are using highly expensive servers like us. On 123Movies you also have to face pop-up ads but less than Fmovies.

On 123Movies, you’ll only get 1 pop-up ad on one page. We never allow advertising companies to apply more then on pop-up ad on one page. That’s why 123Movies could be a good option for most of the users. 

On the other hand, Fmovies is using 3 to 4 pop-up ads on one page and you have to face 5 to 6 pop-ups of video streaming players also on that page. I that’s insane and very annoying while watching movies. No matter where you click on fmovies, you have to face a lot of pop-up ads. They should work on it and fix this issue.

We know that pop-ups are only source of our earning and overcome the server costs but, we should not provide our users any difficult or annoying experience on our websites.

Ads on Streaming Players

When you’ll click on player to play movie or TV Show, you have to face 1 pop-up ad. That one pop-up ad is used by video hosting provider to overcome their server expenses, after that you can stream film or TV episode completely ad free. It means you have to face 2 or 3 pop-ups on one page. 1 pop-up will be applied by 123Movies and other 1 or 2 are applied by streaming server companies.  We think it’s not enjoyable if we compare with Fmovies or other free streaming website. Because they use 6 to 8 pop-up ads on one page which is too annoying.